Amir Ali,, and in Madaba, Jordan

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Coming up in my early twenties and late teens, I was blessed to have a child. IT helped me stabilize my life. Where one of my main goals was to open a shoe and sneaker store of my own.Although this never happened, I was sidetracked by the reality of having a child and caring for that child. Later on that child multiplied and grew from one to a few plus. So my plans for that show store were off, but I thought that I would save for it along the way. That also never happened sticking to the plan of reality,.. it only go better.As real life set in work also set in and I opted for a corporate managed shoe company employment. and I have to say that it was great. Far greater than I would have imagined. What I received in lessons from that can almost never be replaced in the right here right now world of western business. The reality of dealing and managing in the social world of business is far greater lesson that that of a start up business profile,any day hands down. Having the ability to work in an environment where you learn whats acceptable and whats no in an actual already formed business enterprise and environment of private business was well worth the wait in life.Although I was never able to accomplish the goal of opening my own show store the experience far outpaced what I saw going no i the world for my age bracket and experience in life. Working in an already established environment greatly advances on knowledge of business and interests and how they correlate with real life. To this day, I outsmart, out think and out mange far greater and larger corporations in the world with an employees base that can be multitudes larger than ITE©. An I owe that to learning what a corporate structure really is. How to legitimately communicate in a business world. While employed there I was able to fall back on all of my previous skills that I and the world had overlooked. It helped me place myself and the world into prospective, and lean the difference between business that is real and business trends. so,my private life also started to develop i the manner that my business world did. This caused me to really realize the difference in real world agenda's and policies. Luckily I had a background in private life that reflected that and gave me a stable formula to encourage that. I willingly gave up on my dream to own my own sneaker store, and started to shoot around my weight, in the business world. As well as agenda's that are of interest.

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  • Education
    • Design, concept and febrication of Millennium Calendar
    • Concept and authoring Millennium Acts
    • Founding of International Technology & Exchanges
    • Design, concept and invention of Automated Data Delivery System
    • Desing , concept invention of Automated Weapons Land Delivery System