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Tamika Nurse

Consultant in Illinois

Tamika Nurse

Consultant in Illinois


So honored that you stopped by.

I’m Tamika Nurse, Career Strategist, Image Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Author of "The It Girl Rules" series and Founder of It Girl Industries.

The firm provides consulting services, seminars, and resources in the areas of career-readiness, business etiquette, personal branding, and dressing for success.

I have successfully worked with individuals as well as corporate clients like The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Northwestern University, University of Rochester, and Howard University, just to name a few.

lt Girl Industries is well equipped to add value to your organization's onboarding, soft skills training, and career strategy programs.

Contact me today (using the HIRE ME button above) and let's get started!

[You can order your copy of "The It Girl Rules - Get Hired & Stay Hired" today at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or iTunes.]