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Name: Mar'atul Fitrah

Nick Name: itha

Address: Jln shaft giddy

Religion: Islam

About M0ef ..

Shellfish never regret when I have lost the pearls ..
Leaf was never sorry when should fall from the tree ..
So is the ice that never melts .. sorry when hrus

"But I ',,?

not the shells, and leaf, or ice .. I Only someone who is weak,,
that would be very sorry if you have lost someone who I care about ..

"Choosing to Smile"

My God is so much burden on the heart, so bnyak tertoreh ordeal, but I was silent and did not want people to know ... I choose to smile and say I do not why, but do they know? My heart is crying, but I try to toughen up even in the liver can not, for that I'm trying to say "I'm happy with this situation"


"A heart that always hurt in the end that the liver is more rigid"

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