Louisville, Kentucky, United States

What do you wish to know of me? A few things is simply that, like a couple of lines from a script tells you nothing of the play, or the back of the books cover gives you not the fullness and taste of the entirety that is the book. I suppose this once, I could humor you though. I like to draw. Music really does soothe the savage beast within, or brings it out more, depending on the day. I'm the most interesting person on the planet, for about 5 minutes after you've met me. I talk too much. I type too much. I generally am too much. I believe my friends are my family, the ones I choose and whom have deemed me worthy. There are days that the inner emo wins. There are days where the inner emo gets tied to the bed post by the others in there...o.0 I don't understand people who radiate confidence, I try to stay away from the ones who radiate radiation. I'm not a hero, or a super hero, I'm just that annoying chick on the side of the road with a tire iron and no car. Is that enough to have driven you away, or did it intrigue you further?