Prashanth Rangaswamy

I started my work as a customer support agent with McAfee and have worked under various positions including senior tech support and level 2 technical/remote support. I like to be very straight forward when it comes to work and i always want to make sure that my colleagues are happy. Life is tough when you are honest and straight forward, however, it doesn't mean that you are loser, I'm happy with what I'm. I started working a freelancer back in 2009 on one fine summer day, i have never looked back from them. Freelancing is the best way to do work and i have no regrets working from the place i love in the way i like. I'm good at article writing, virtual assistance, technical support, tutorial video creation, video editing and enhancing, optimizing youtube, optimizing facebook and much more. I thank god for making me this versatile, it is now much easier for me to handle things in life even because of the work I do!