Itka Gabriela Bones Rivera

Student and Artist in Humacao, Puerto Rico

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Hello I'm pleased to introduce myself, my name is Itka G. Bones Rivera. I am 18 years old and I live in Humacao, Puerto Rico. I am currently in my second year in campus, in the department of Office Systems administration but I'm planning to reclassify to Microbiology so I could continue studying Medicine to become a Chiropractor. I'm a very active person in my personal life, I'm a dancer, cheerleader and a gym freak. Some of the academic skills that I have are that I can speak fluent English, I'm good helping others, in oral presentations, communicating with others, and doing computer documents and so many more. I'm a very organized, and very responsible. If you wish to communicate with me you can contact me at this email: and I will answer as soon as possible

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