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My name is iToasterman. I am good at Java & Javascript, Perl, HTML, C++, and I am a good blackhat. I am really good at Reverse Engineering applications, I can compile & decompile almost anything you need. I can show you it. All the shit I am saying here is true & accurate. I will prove this stuff if anyone needs me for anything I mentioned. I once used Hack Forums, now I use something 10 times better. I can also write shell code & also write a buffer overflow exploit. I can breach systems running Windows using the exploit, or simply use what they all call Backtrack 5 Release version 3. I can also do what they call IP hijacking (sometimes it can be called BGP hijacking). But the router needs to have an recently updated routing Table to achieve a successful attack on the victim. SQL Injections I can also do with a SQL Injection, but I need to make an executable code for it.

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