Antonio Moro

Pioneered internet communities creating the italian newsgroup dedicated to Role Playing Games, IHGG, and the sister website, IHGGOL in 1997.

He founded “DollyDesign” in 1998 with Enrico Maioli. Dismissed in 2002, DollyDesign was the first and biggest webdesign community in Italy.

In 2001 he was Partner and Creative Director in Mimic Digital Contents.
Mimic creates digital contents and formats for the Internet, television and theatre.
At Mimic he worked for the Milan Triennale, the Rome Eliseo theatre and the Venice Fenice theatre among others.

He created digital sets for the Eliseo theatre in Rome and artistic multimedia installations exposed at the Contemporary Arts Museum of Rome (MACRO) and at the Milan Triennale.

In 2000 and in 2001 he organized with Mimic and DollyDesign the first and biggest italian WebDesign conference: PixelDNA.
Over 2000 professionals attended PixelDNA 2001 with speakers from all around the world and a huge media response.

In 2002 he joined E-TREE, the largest webdesign studio in Italy, as Creative Director and worked with top-class clients like Telecom Italia, Ducati, Moschino, Tiscali, Assicurazioni Generali among others.

Since 2003 he’s Creative Director at BlueLemon, a studio focused on WebGames, VideoGames and RealTime 3D Applications.

He also worked for bluelemon’s sister company WebTour Studio as Art Director and developed “TravelMix” brand image and initiatives, the Tour Operator of Mirabilandia, the largest theme park in Italy.

Since 2007 he’s partner and creative director of Vae Victis, an independent videogame development studio based in Italy.

In 2009 he created Lega Nerd, the leading italian social blog dedicated to the Nerd/Geek culture.

UX/UI Design, Graphic Design, Brand Design, Social Marketing.