Cold Sweat- Keep on trying

One of St. Lucias best kept secrets is that Nijah St. Catherine, a.k.a. Cold Sweat, who hails from Vieux Fort, has emerged in recent years as one of the best and most unique voices in world reggae. Cold Sweats voice is deep but melodious, rough but sweet, silken but edgy and his vocal gymnastics could be the envy of any singer. Indeed, Cold Sweat is the real thing; he has the full package. His lyrics is compelling and his performances electrifying. If there is one St. Lucian artist ready for the world stage, Cold Sweat is him.

Cold Sweats musical journey goes back to the age of four when he used to listen to his mother singing along to slow tunes like Lady in Red by Chris De Burgh. In fact, growing up his home was suffused in music, for his father listened to the music of the likes of Third World nonstop. At bedtime his maternal grandmother used to hold him in her arms and sing to him until he fell asleep. Up till today, Un ti pié pòwié, one of the songs with which his grandmother lulled him to sleep, still plays in his head. And then there is his paternal grandmother who used to take him to mass every Sunday. At church Cold Sweat didnt pay attention to anything going on there, but no sooner his grandmother started singing along with the congregation, he would look up at her with rapt attention and wonder how she is able to sing like that? Well, this is exactly the kind of effect Cold Sweat now has on people hearing him for the first time.

Cold Sweats first tentative steps towards becoming an artist came in his preteen years after watching a Michael Jackson television performance. He was so motivated by the show that he immediately proceeded to make a guitar out of wood, metal tins and fishing lines. However, it was at fourteen, after developing a strong liking for reggae and getting hooked on the music of Peter Tosh, Third World and Bob Marley, that he started taking music seriously. Before that the artist said he was more into HipHop and Rap (Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony), than reggae.

Today as an artist well into his stride, Cold Sweats musical style reflects a mixed of genres including reggae, hiphop and R&B. Indeed, his music is about the fusing of genres, much in the manner of Wyclef Jean. And, like Wyclef Jean, Cold Sweat is adept at both the guitar and keyboard.

Cold Sweat as a musical secret is soon to be a thing of the past. He has had a number

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