Russell Morgan

Im an IT guy at heart, my very first love. I am a web/software developer, with experience in several languages; mainly PHP and JAVA currently.

I also have web/graphic design experience and have been trained to use many of the popular Adobe programs. Though I am primarily on the software side of the IT world, I have been trained in the way of the hardware guru...So I know my way around both sides of the fence ;) I have a deep desire to be a Robotics Engineer, matter of fact...That is what I consider to be the peak of my career.

The reason I am a developer, is so that I may take the programmers route into Robotics; not to imply that I have any issues against the more hands on approach.

I have on the job experience as a photographer, graphics designer, photo editor, web developer, web designer, web master, cms customization and security, social networking manager, networking technician, data entry clerk, writer, editor.

I also am hoping to pursue a modelling career, as I have the body and look for it(so I have been told); I am also interested in football and baseball, wouldn't mind doing either professionally too.

Games...I love them. I absolutely love them. I would play games all eternity if I got the chance. I also am an Admin in Tech related group on Facebook called TechUnit JA, check us out anytime.

Always looking for ways to increase my programming knowledge, and always willing to learn something more.

Feel free to contact me. I also own my own Amway business! Amway IBO! || ||