Matt DeBoer

Brookings, SD

Currently an Advertising Major with a emphasis in Interactive Media at South Dakota State University. I wish to pursue a career as a digital strategist while trying to open my own agency. After obtaining my Bachelor degree from SDSU, I will continue my education by getting my Masters at a Graduate school yet to be determined. Advertising is going through a transitional stage right now where digital is becoming more and more of an important asset to most campaigns. Where others fail to adjust to changing trends, SDSU has prepared me to implement the most effective and efficient strategies to enhance a campaign on multiple platforms. I am very excited and passionate about the field I am currently in and can not wait to use my skills in real life situations.

I love connecting and meeting new people, one can be strong on their own but even greater success can be achieved when people come together.

I am a huge fan of the American & foreign cinema; movies are a slight obsession of mine. When I am not working on projects or spending time with friends & family, you can most likely find me on Netflix probably watching some movie you have never even heard of.