I started to get into Anime when I was a little kid (Around elementary school. First Anime I watched was Pokemon or 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother). Manga followed a few years later. Since then I've spent most of my free time watching Anime and reading Manga and also playing video games based on Anime characters.

In real life, I'm a quiet person. But once I get to know people I become more talkative. I usually don't open up to people and only open up to people I trust

When on the web, I'm way more talkative than I am in real life. I usually discuss about Anime/Manga/Video games.

I'm proud of being an Otaku. I have 2 posters of One Piece in my room and I even have a wallet, bracelet and keychain of One Piece.

I also enjoy listening to music, especially Japanese. Most of the Japanese songs I'm listening to are from Anime. I do enjoy listening to music in english.

All in all, I'm just your average person. Nothing special about me.