Seriously. TrueTwit is a Marketing SCAM.

STOP Validating TrueTwit Validation Requests, JUST ignore them.
Validating a TrueTwit request means you continue to "FEED the TRUE TWIT TROLL"
The real TrueTwits are those who go up onto the website and validate.

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There is no such thing as social media fatigue.
We are not tired of social, we are tired of all the things that get in the way of being social.
Learn about and how anti-social it really is. Google "TrueTwit reviews"

If you're a TrueTwit user please rethink your actions.
TrueTwit uses YOU and ME as a mule to COLLECT advertising revenues.
That's WHY we're expected to KEEP Validating.

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To REMOVE it from your twitter account, GO to SETTINGS/APPS:
Look for the TRUETWIT then REVOKE its access.

Please join with me by disassociating yourself with TrueTwit.
I'm NOT validating any more! STOP Feeding the TrueTwit Troll.

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