Advanced Dental Center

Plano Tx

You deserve the best that dentistry has to offer. Why would you settle for anything less? As a prosthodontist, Dr. Hopkins has achieved a level of education and expertise far beyond that of a general dentist. This means that no matter what your dental condition or goals, she is uniquely equipped to give you a comfortable, brilliant smile.

Your dentist, Dr. Hopkins, and her team provide you with the preventive care you need to keep your smile healthy and looking great. And, should you need extensive dental restoration or reconstruction now or in the future, Dr. Hopkins will create a treatment plan for you that gives you back your life. This is where a prosthodontist’s knowledge and skill make all the difference – in the form and function of your mouth. Dr. Hopkins keeps you informed and on-track toward realizing a life without pain, without embarrassment. The result? A smile that looks great and feels amazing.

When it comes to something as intimate and personal as your smile, your dentist should be compassionate, empathetic, and easy to relate to. Dr. Christine Hopkins fits this description perfectly. Patients - even those who are nervous about seeing the dentist - find themselves at ease because of Dr. Hopkins’s friendliness, as well as her extensive knowledge and experience. They know that Dr. Hopkins has the solution for all smiles.