Ann Jennica Tamayo

Banker in the Philippines

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Just an ordinary girl living an extraordinary life.

She’s not a blogger not a writer.

She’s a storyteller.

She tells her story.

She writes yours.

She’s a jolly and free spirited girl who’s so unsure to a lot of things in the universe.

She obligates herself to ask some random questions.

She doesn’t like small talks.

She talks about the beauty of life,the goodness of God,the real meaning of life.

She loves the magic of galaxies, the secret of the universe.

She remembers about the lies you have told.

She questions your biggest fears.

She has a passion for traveling, foods and music.

She’s a forever korean enthusiast.

She loves books and mysteries.

She sees the beauty in everything you do.

She prays for your sincere love and honesty.

She brings the best in you.

She believes.

She forgives.

She’s a dreamer.

She certainly can’t write about anything but gained perfection in writing her own biography.

She wishes to travel at least half of the world.

She hopes to meet new people,

find herself and to fall in love in between. <3