Amber Slone

Kentucky, USA

I'm just a reenage girl who loves snugging up on the couch watching horror and action movies, I love Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. I love animals and the different personalities they have. Dear john is my favorite book, The Walking Dead and Friends are my favorite television shows/series. Music to me would be Evanescence, Framing Hanley, Anberlin, Four Years Strong, Mudvayne, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Static-X, SWS, ADTR, Nicki Minaj, and Drake, just to name a few. I'm a blue eyed blond who loves to be different and just laugh. Born and raised in Kentucky and I am not amshamed. I have an addiction to tumblr and video games. I'm in love and it's this crazy, amazing, painful, beautiful thing wrapped up with tears and a bow. If you actually rea all of that bs about me then I would just like to say thanks, you're amazing, you're beatiful, and I love you.