Arslan Ur Rehman

Student in Duisburg, Germany

Arslan Ur Rehman (Urdu & Arabic: ارسلان الرحمن or ارسلان الرحمان) , a student in Duisburg, Germany. Arslan is currently studying Studienkolleg (foundation course) at Rheinland-Institut, Duisburg. As he is learning German and doing mandatory foundation course, he is looking forward to study a bachelors degree in medicine or computer studies somewhere in Germany.

Apart from studies, Arslan is a friendly character and an active social media guy who likes to socialize with people of his age regardless of gender and even younger and elders.

Arslan has currently been working at Domino's Pizza in Duisburg since June,2017 as Pizza baker and telephonist also dealing with customers. Before shifting to Duisburg in April, Arslan was working at the same company in Cologne (Köln). There he has worked for 4 months and had to leave his place due to shifting to the city of Duisburg. Now, as he's been working here, he's looking forward to get some more exciting work.

Arslan likes to do sports. Cricket is his favorite sport. He loves to play and watch international Cricket. He likes soccer as well and watches football games.