B Steele

Steele is CEO of The Steele Organization, LLC (TSO, LLC), a
Marketing and Management Consulting firm that markets the needs of
children. She is the recipient of the Florida Alliance For Arts Education (FAAE)-
2011 Business Leader Award and the Sumter County(FL)Chamber- 2011 Community Leader Award.

Established in NYC in 1988, the firm has handled accounts from New
York to Los Angeles to Chicago to Washington, DC and now for the past nineteen
years in Florida. Not all of TSO's accounts have been children focused but a vast majority directly or indirectly benefited children i.e. American Advertising Federation (Wash, DC), Western Advertising Federation (Los Angeles, CA), National Association for Female Executives (NAFE), Inc, (NYC), Lake~Sumter Community College; Sumter County Interagency Pre-K Council; etc.

Also, Steele is the Founder of Young Performing Artists (YPAs), Inc., a 501 c) 3),
not-for-profit, state recognized and statewide focused corporation whose
mission is to identify and address the specialized needs of young (up to 22)
performing and visual artists and provide creative solutions to youth
development. Under Steele's leadership and since its inception in 1998, YPAs, Inc. has identified approximately 450 of Florida’s young artists, has awarded approximately $25,500 in scholarships and has provided approximately $300,000.00+ of culture, history and art services, especially to children & youth. Since 2001, YPAs, Inc. has presented annually the School Cultural Art Program to an average of 4000 Sumter County school age children. Also, YPAs,Inc. is a collaborator in spearheading the preservation of the Community of Royal’s rich history. Royal, one of Florida’s oldest African American Communities, was formed in 1865 by former slaves from the old Green Plantation. This small community is now a 'Governor's Point of Light project', has a 'Historic Marker' issued by the Florida State Historic Preservation Department and the renovation of its former segregated school cafeteria which is now an Enrichment & Historical Center.

Plus, Steele has 10+ years past experience as a NYC corporate manager handling up to $10million; holds a BS in Consumer Science and Minor in Business Administration, FAMU; Business Certificates from the AMA, NYC and is certified to Judge Miss Florida Scholarship Pageants.