Cam Clark

Developer, Graphics Designer, and Tech Enthusiast in the United Kingdom

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Hey i'm Clarky also known as It'sClarky.

I am 15 years old I develop software and have web design ability, I do graphics work and i do charge (£-$).

If you click 'Visit my website' it will take you to my Twitter page where you can follow me and message me or just get to know me better i guess...


PC Specs:


GPU: GTX1050Ti

RAM: 8G (DDR4)

SSD: Kingston 120GB

HDD: 2TB Western Digital Blue


I do have a YouTube channel but i choose not to make videos as where i come from you can't get away with making videos or you will get roasted by others xD.

I have had previous names but they have had a very bad reputation and non of that was my fault.


- All files i make are very safe, I do run into problems with people who don't trust me you don't have to trust me but i am not capable of sending you anything nasty, I can assure you that you will get what you ask for...

- All files get tested on a VM before they get sent to a customer.


If you want my Discord name then message me on my social media.

Links Below.

- ItsClarky