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"But the humiliation in a rape and the feeling of helplessness and helplessness set in motion processes that can trigger chronic pain without any tissue damage," says Georgios Kokinogenis.

Constant stress sensitizes the body - One explanation is that the body is after the rape under constant stress and constantly secretes stress hormones and neurotransmitters. somanabolic muscle maximizer scam The affected thereby takes stimuli of skin true, muscles, or other places in the body as pain, although this would normally not cause pain.

However, the symptoms can also be a sign that the woman has situations not handled properly from the past in which she felt powerless or helpless for example, recently introduced a woman in Kokinogenis, in a few months after a rape reacts burning pain on the cheeks.

The doctors found out that her father had given her as a child almost daily slaps. "Through the rape the feeling of helplessness and humiliation came up again, and the woman experienced, the same facial pain," explains Kokinogenis. When he made it clear to her relationships, the pain disappeared.

Therapy instead of surgery - On the third explanation for the pain Californian scientists came ten years ago. They noted that an area of the brain, called the cingulate gyrus, is activated when people feel marginalized.

However, the nerve cells in the area also respond to noxious stimuli. "The brain cannot distinguish whether it is the exclusion or pain," explains Ulrich Egle.