Deryk Daquigan

Deryk is a San Francisco native that lives, eats, and breathes the Bay Area. He's lived and worked all over the Bay Area. He's a self-proclaimed "jack-of-all-trades" who dabbles in all his passions from art, photography, civil engineering, project management, technology, website startups, design, food, music, outdoor activities and anything fun. Being as blessed as he is, Deryk is able to experience a mixture of these passions on a daily basis as an Associate Engineer for CSG Consultants (a private civil engineering firm focused on public projects), and Co-Founder of (a foodie website that brings you an awesome social dining experience).

Deryk loves connecting with people, sharing ideas, finding great places to eat, and talking about travel stories. Give him at least 5 hours of sleep each night and keep his stomach from grumbling and you will always see a smile on his face.