Dylan Haines

Entertainer in Australia

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Dylan is an Australian Public Influencer & Entertainer. He was born and raised in Australia.

Dylan was born in Australia in December and became very intrigued in the entertainment industry at a very young age. His journey began as a hyperactive adolescent with his very own YouTube channel. Where he started his acting and influencing career. Also he worked as being an actor for short film in his career etc. Since then he has had many successes; which has led to him mastering the industry.

Dylan is considered to be one of the top social media experts online. Dylan first pursued his acting and influencing career at the age of nine by creating his very own YouTube channel. Since then he has had many successes; as of today he is a verified broadcaster with over 19,000 followers and interacts with his fan base and people who reach out to him for advice etc.... which has led to him mastering the industry. He is well-known today for the influences he has over others. In an interview he said "my motivation comes from the success of people who look up to me consistently. He also says, to never stop chasing your dreams because you can do anything you want to do. As long as you put your head to it and surround yourself with positive people and having a great atmosphere around you. Dylan is also living in Australia. He's working his way more into the business of entrepreneurship, traveling, acting, entertaining, and photography. He's also interested in sports ( soccer ) . You can visit his website with a click on the button above. As of today he still is a Social Media Sensation. He's also active on Instagram with itsdylanau and communicates with his followers and his platform is still growing.