Flimp Media

Hopkinton MA

Flimp Media, Inc. is a video-multimedia marketing and communications technology company with offices in Boston, MA, New York, NY, Denver, CO and Manchester, UK. The Flimp 5 video-multimedia solutions platform enables users to create, distribute and track interactive video postcards and video microsites without programming or IT resources for online communications and direct marketing. For further information and inquiries, contact 1.508.686.2802.

Using the Flimp 5 platform, anyone can turn video files into trackable multimedia content that can be distributed in a variety of ways to target audiences. Multimedia content that combines video with text, graphics, branding, images, buttons and more goes far beyond one-dimensional video hosting and sharing platforms. With Flimp 5, you can create video postcards, video landing pages and video microsites that can be distributed through more than 50 integrated email service providers (ESPs) and CRM systems.

Engaging target audiences online requires three things; rich multimedia content, the ability to “push” or deliver that content to viewers on whatever type of device they are using, and instant campaign and individual viewer tracking and reporting. Companies and organizations that can’t quickly create, distribute and track dynamic multimedia content without needing IT department support are at a competitive disadvantage. Successful online marketing, sales and communications requires the ability to quickly create and distribute engaging video and multimedia content without programming with viewer access from any device and real-time activity reporting.