Aleksey Zhuravlev

Software Engineer, Bass player, and Snowboarder in Иннополис, Россия

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Hey boys'n'girls, so here I am and that's my story. Once upon a time I have visited this brand new cool page and I start thinking, I want to be as cool as this guy and to have such cool bio page with all that funky shit, tags, bio and picture of me. I've started a registration process on this site, and i faced the wall of hatred and ingnorance. Firstly, all these green buttons subconciously saying to me "hey, drop this animal killing shit dude, they have feelings" and I have started thinking about to transmorf into veganistic creature. Second, I faced room with a chains of freedomless this green walls started collide to me from all the sides. I wanted to set my location in such beautiful place as "Anywhere you want me to be baby". But, even when anger burned my entrails, I've tried some other places like "URanus" or "Fuck this shit form, i hate forms", and even then, the system has not let me, I've became a prisoner. A man in the iron mask, derelict, a scum which destiny is to be buried in depths of La Bastillia Saint-Antonie. Then, when I thought that everything is behind already, I did not know, that the suffering still awaits for me. I was aked to name five me interests and then three of things what I do. Why the hell first number is five and then three, what the hell is this? Why three? Is this is a number of masons triangle, this is the labytinth of pain i entered. No one said to me that five things will be as a hashtags in the bottom of my story. And if I knew that, I would put there "Anger, hatred, ignorance, suffering and vegans". Here I am, in the end of my story, sitting of the fine sofa, drinking lemon tea and watching one of the best movies ever, Machette kills. I have passed all nine circles of hell to write this, and all i wanted to be as cool as Olega.