Sirron Pugh

Hello, my name is Sirron Pugh and I am 17 years of age. I work for a youth center in the sunset called Sunset Youth Services in the department of a record labeled called Upstar Records. Upstar Records is a record label run by youth for youth that produces positive music for the community of San Francisco. I enjoy almost any activity involving music, skateboarding and other sports. I am also intrigued by technology and interested in learning new words. When I am in the studio, I enjoy recording my own music as well as other artists. The purpose of my creations is to express myself and to have fun while doing so, as well as to find out what other people think of my work. Somewhere I have always dreamed of going is Japan. I am very unique in the sense of the way i act and my attitude on different matters of the world. This is just a small portion of what there is to me, but in order to know me more fully, you must get to know me by being around me.