Lillie <3

My name is lillie, just lillie, I love taking photos, mainly of people, I fail at maths, i literally cant do it xD I enjoy laughing so much its just amazing, I think its ridiculous how at school you get told off for doing the things you love, I have a billion religious views and statments, i think religion is too, ridiculous. I think milky stars are awesome, i love to talk to random peoplem i usually like making them laugh, i have ideas but getting round to doing them is the tricky part, cat are just fantastic, i can just watch them for hours and still im amused =] i like retro and vintage things and i also love having odd bits and bobs that i randomly find, they also keep my happy, i have huge blue eyes i love mango juice and skins and misfits is awesome =D horror films are great, gore is wonderful, its just that cringy feeling and strange unrealistic things you wouldnt see in your boring day t day life, i hope im doing this right because im not sure what this website is anyhow i hope you enjoy what i do....not that i know what that will be but still................<3