Alliah Anne Salvador

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Name: Alliah Anne Salvador
Nickname: Liah, Alliah, Allianne


Color: Pink, Yellow, Violet
Holiday: Christmas & Summer
Animal: Puppy & Rabbit
Food: Pasta (Except Pansit)
Restaurant: KFC, McDonald's, Mang Inasal
Smell: Baby Bench Cologne
Sound: Soft
Celebrity: One Direction
Subject: Mape, Computer
Website: Facebook
Book: Slambook, Manga
TV Show: Animes
Movie: Naruto the Movie & Karate Kid
Character: Hinata Hyuga!
Game: Guessing Game, Guess the Name of Anime Character
Sport: Badminton
Hobby: Eating, Watching Animes, Editing, Drawing, Singing, Dancing

About Songs

Songs I'm Loving right now:
-I Wish
-Rolling in the Deep

Fav. Genre: Pop, RNB, Rock

5 Things I Want to do Before I'm 45



Stay Happy

Meet 1D

Meet Katy Perry

Top 3 Things I'm Good At




Secret Talent: Singing
I wish I were good at... PAPER FOLDING

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