Daniella Dionio


Name: Daniella Dionio

Birthday: 14th of May

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Birthstone: Emerald

Hobby: Surfing online


Food: Different foods around the world

Drink: Water

Dessert: Ice Cream

Subject: Math

Color: Purple

Fashion: Elegant

Cartoon Character: Spongebob and Domo Kun

Fairytale: Shrek

Movie: Kingkong

Telenovela: It started with a kiss and they kiss again

Actor: Cheng Yuan Chang/ Joseph Cheng!

Actress: Ariel Lin

Love team: Arjoe

~~~~~What is..~~~~~

Love: Without love, world is nothing!

Motto: Time is gold, Don't let the opportunity pass away

Friends: Friends are like internet, they have the stupidest thing but I can't resist to be without them :)