Megan Tracey

From my last 12 years of education I came to the conclusion that I want to continue my education at Bowling Green State University in the field of Early Childhood Education.

Going back through the last year I have become quite the talker about education. It all started when I saw posts in the local newspaper of a teacher that my younger brother had. The posts that included her usually involved her speaking out against state standardized testing, common core and other issues in education.

Once I started reading these posts I got curious, almost like a spark ignited in me. I started researching the issues she was talking about. Once I found the information I found I got mad, mad at the people in the education system who have brought it down. I then wondered how many kids my age know about this stuff since I had no idea until I looked in the newspaper!

I then started a student movement where I received over 200 letters to Governor Kasich that talked about their experiences in school involving testing, stress levels, common core and teachers impacts on their lives. I read through a majority of these letters to see what kids' thoughts were. The feedback I got was awesome, majority of kids expressed how stressed they are and how stressed they can see their teachers are. Of course we received no response back from Governor Kasich.

Ever since then I've became more involved in the education community not only in Ohio but in the entire country. Now I am currently studying to become an elementary school teacher but still make time for outside events other than my education program at BG. I'm hoping to make an impact for the better on the education system.

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