Nicholas A. Titley

Just about every weekend in 2014 you could find me at the movies. Sometimes I even went twice, because the movies were just that darn nice!

I got to thinking, and it hit me like a bolt. What if I spoke about movies, games, manga, books, anime and other media that we all knew and love?! I could share my opinion and people could share theirs! Oh what a wonderful feeling could really be me!

And then the thoughts of the trolls rolled in, and my motivation rolled elsewhere. Somewhere in my heart, the little thought clung to me. It pulled and it yanked, and it demanded attention. “let me be, let me be…you can’t keep me locked away forever!” it said, with a frown and an unrelenting grip.

Like the evil godparents I locked it away in a tower, cackling about how It would never see the light of day. Until one day, Anais Nin crossed my mind. It seems the pain of remaining the same was much too great for me to bear. It was time to put myself out there regardless of every fear.

And so it began, I constructed a little plot, I crafted the blog and laughed out loud a lot, and I remarked “It's My Personal View,” why not share it? And so I named it just that. I was free to discuss and express my passions in writing.

I say to you, a happy adieu; may your pain of staying the same drive you to madness and soon into gladness that you could take the next step and share your talents as well!


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