Hia! I'm Nicole. I'm English but live in Wales. It's in (not so) great britain btw. You will usually find me watching Friends, An Idiot Abroad, Inbetweeners or The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. If you've never seen them, I suggest you watch them, like right now. I say like a bit too much. I think Francisco Lachowski is gorjj. SAY YOLO AND WE CAN NEVER BE FRIENDS. I'm blonde, and I'm kinda dumb sometimes. I miss Drake and Josh..forever waiting for new episodes:( Alton Towers is like the best place ever. I absolutely love going to the beach! I'm just a typical teen tbh, and I wish my parents were rich and famous, and that I lived in America. I have an obsession with America. USA FTW. Take me to starbucks and I'll love you forever.