It's Nishant


Nishant is a India-based Development Communication Consultant and a former journalist.
Anything 'green' interests Nishant who likes to read on almost anything under the Sun. He immensely
respects diversity, for he believes uniformity can just not give way to sustainable unity. His interests include music and experimental cooking. He values secularism and democracy and is passionate about India and optimistic of a peaceful planet.
Nishant is also a qualified Science Communicator and a Human Resource Manager. Being a writer at large, Nishant wishes to retire from a salaried job by the time he turns 40 and then use his communication skills to ensure that neither he nor his family die poor.

  • Work
    • Writer at large, dabbles with a job to pay bills
  • Education
    • A Masters Degree in Science Communication and nother in HUman Resource