Patricia Anne Ramos

Hi! Patricia Anne Gabasan Ramos is the name. College frosh from Trinity University of Asia, taking up Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts. I'm 16 years old. Born on the 5th of October. An unicahija. I'm a girl who have so many dreams and goals in life that I want to pursue in the near future. At first, I am a shy and a quiet person, but if you know me more you can see my other side. I can characterized myself as friendly, loquacious, good-humored, kind, understanding and thoughtful person. Some people see me as snob, mean and finicky, well maybe because I don't like you or not interested to your attitude but I'm definitely a good person. Just so you know, my attitude depends on how you treat me. :)

My blog is a personal blog thus contains all my thoughts, some reblogs and rants as well.

P.S. Just a little explanation about the pages I have. :D

Random Facts - For other infos and facts about myself.

Portraits - Photos of mine, other people, things etc. Sometimes photography.

BFFs ♥ - This is dedicated to those who are special to me and I loved the most.

365 Days Challenge - A project that I must finish until the year ends. :))

Pat Talks - This basically contains my thoughts, rants and sentiment as well.

Tales of Pat - It contains narrative things about my daily life and everything that happened to me that I want to tell.

Banat's Section - Place for cheesy lines & kakornihan! Haha.