Portia D'Artagnan

Somewhere between Whoville and Thneedville

Chances are, I am not your average teenage girl! I know a lots of teenagers say this, that they are "different", but I think that in a sense we are all individuals different from the mass.

I am quirky in what I like. You might say I am Old-school, and actually I would say that too. Put a movie on with Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Barbara Stanwyck, Cary Grant, Deborah Kerr… (and so forth) and I will go head over heals. I LOVE old musicals, but I also like current music. I am not too much into Pop but I am not all out Rock, and of course you have to add a tiny dash of Country in there to make the mix.

I have moved a lot and been through different situations in life so I would say that my outlook is unique! I can be super silly and comedic but you will also notice that I have my philosophical moments!

Just please, don't be like the mass (see I referenced that again!), take the time to look in the cover before you judge the book! Although all of us do it often in life!

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