Istanbul Technical University

Vision & Mission
Through a combination of its three
core missions of education, research
and development, ITU maintains its
leadership role in science, art and technology
as a Pioneer through the ages.

» Five campuses located in the heart of Istanbul
» Thirteen colleges and six research institutes
» Comprehensive education in 39 undergraduate degree programs
» International Accreditation in all of the undergraduate degree programs (ABET, EUA, NAAB, IMO)
» 145 Master's and Ph.D. degree programs
» More than 25 000 full time students
» Education with 1 professor per 12 students
» Advanced information systems and communication technology facilities
» Education in full English language

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Faculty of Mines

Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering

Faculty of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

Faculty of Science and Letters

Faculty of Management

Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Maritime Faculty

Faculty of Textile Technologies and Design

Faculty of Computer & Informatics