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This is the official page for USGiftCodes. We are a small US based company started by 2 people who are passionate about music, movies, and entertainment. We are dedicated to providing great products, fast responses, and a very reliable service.

Most of our customers buy our US iTunes Gift Cards. We have customers all around the world including Germany, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and more. We literrally provide US iTunes cards for users from hundreds of countries monthly.

Originally started on eBay, we are now proud to sell our products on this website directly at great prices to fellow entertainment lovers. USGiftCodes was founded because US retailers and the US iTunes Store do not allow international credit cards to be used to purchase gift cards. Our goal is to provide everyone access to the great digital content available in the US iTunes Store and US Playstation and Microsoft stores. Our prices are slightly over face value in order to cover our costs of securing the cards and providing the digital delivery service.

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