Max Angulo

When you skip this message, at least to me, it bothers me a bit different. Therefore, before accepting and restore your device you can try to follow these steps [windows platforms

It is possible that all you have to do is re-assign the drive letter of the iPod. Connect your iPod to the computer and close clean up itunes:
Step 1 -. We Right click on the My Computer icon and select 'Manage'.
Step 2 -. Within the category of 'Disk Management', we click the right mouse button on the iPod unit and select the option 'Change Drive Letter and Paths of unity'.
Step 3 -. The floating window that shows click on the 'Change' button. From the dropdown menu, select a new drive letter.
Previously sure you have no unity with that letter already assigned in My Computer.

Click 'OK' and 'Yes' in the confirmation dialog. Now extract the device from 'Safely Remove Hardware' icon in the status bar, then reconnect and start the iTunes. If this is due to, as you would have regained access to your iPod.

Hi recently got a notice that the second generation ipod shuffle and ipod all need to have a itunes music to introdicirle but the problem is that neither the pc nor itunes recognizes it when I plug the usb ipod is full of new and came music but does not sync with itunes only battery cargra but then nothing else as if you were not connected something that also read that it could be that the itune to drop was the newest and that is not compatible with the ipod because it is more oldie but a compatible when it drops I can not open because it tells me that the library created can not be read because it is already created a new version!