Krystal Cantu

Mother and Social Media Manager in Texas

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I am a mother of two amazing babies, whom there is nothing I wouldn't do for them. I am also a social media manager currently starting my own business, also living in Harlingen, TX 78550. My interests range from entrepreneurship, innovation, and education. I have 1 goal in mind and that is to promote myself all the way to Black Diamond. This dream is for my little family to be able to have every moment i can with them and be able to bring my husband home. To never be scared that we wont have anything coming in or be afraid that we will be homeless. Have no debt. The only way I can achieve this is with each and everyone of your help <3. To help me continue on this journey visit my store and view my products and order away no matter how small it all helps <3 and lets create this friendship that will change your life and mine.

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