itzel vigueras

I'm 21 years old. My personality is so difficult to explain because i like express my feelings all the time, when something dislike me you only see my face and you know if I agree with you or disagree. I try to be happy all the time or maybe have a smile, sometimes i'm so talkative with my friends; but in public sometimes I'm so shy, and I know that this a bad point for me but it's only to trust more in myself. I'm so romantic when I've a relationship, maybe I give a lot for my couple because I hope that he give me the same or more. It´s so difficult for me trust in people. In general when I've a friend I care a lot because its so difficult find friends nowadays. i´m friendly. I like watch TV, play with my puppy, pass time with my boyfriend, play with my tablet.

What I like about this course the activities are the most important and interesting to involve to practice our speaking. Although the funniest part of the course was speak with my friends and the discussion of some topics, because is so important remember some vocabulary that sometimes we forgotten that we know.
is to sad that this quarter are finish, because now I love my english class, this type of English course, leaves good expiriences!!

Thanks Miss Bibiana.. :D I wish see u the next quarter :P Obviously with Sophie V & the little Leprechaun :D :D