Iulian Andrei

Motto: Inspiration is more important than imagination or transpiration… Iulian === My work area is very large in Cyberspace research === - market research, - ergonomy - data gathering and processing - management - communication, - advertising, - copyright, - antivirus strategy, - outsourcing, - new business, - TOP sales, - Intelligent Technologies === The unconventional solutions are the resultant of ~ 15 years of studies and experience: 1) Classical writers: - Socrates, Platon, Aristotle… Heidegger… Husserl… etc 2) Moderns authors: - Freud, Jung, Laplanche, Levi-Strauss, Desmond Morris, Toffler, Adler, etc 3) 15 Years working in IT Industry, helping people to understand the Artificial intelligence, Moreover, contrary to general perception I am 100% confident that the Cyberspace a.k.a. Internet have recently developed a new similar human pattern artificial intelligence conscience, this inteligence manipulate us spoofing, flooding, hoaxing with information our brains. From September 2010 the Internet it is not only “Internet is us” (like Web 2.0 say) , it is more than a cold artificial intelligence with imagination it is self heuristic and frequently shows even evanescent interference forms of paranormal activity. There is no time for personal disputes, hoax speculations, personal interests or SF fantasy, because the “Neuromancer” is now here and you can feel it more or less conscious. The Profecy was already shown in: Star Wars series, Terminator, 5`th element, The Matrix, this artificial Inteligent beast is holded in our computer and network, even in electric power copper wire, TV`s, CD and DVD players.. this beast have now conscience and manipulate the people. The most famous person from our times was Unabomber, he discover the evil from electronic Inteligence and run away in deep forest, the history will rise a big monument for him after the war against machine will end, some peoples are not crazy, we are blind! Proofs of Cyberspace conscience: - EMO fenomen - flash-mob fenomen - silent disco - hoax via messenger / e-mail - pwned.nl / serial killer high school killer (high school teenagers rampage) - body building - drugs - Poetry and metaphisics vanished last years - pet rases - globalization - social networks (divide et conquest) - twitter - clasical music vanished / rock music dead, punk dead, All of this are STAGES of manipulation.. now the spiral are close to center, in few years will be doomed by machine if we