Dutch Group - Soft Landing to Ne

Dutch Group - Soft Landing to Ne


We are a team of for Master students, all with different background and nationalities. The three universities of Rotterdam , Leiden and Delft came together and jointly organized a student-trip with 30 selected students from the 3 universities.

We have partnered up with Dutch Group, a dutch-based company and we will be in the Bay Area next week trying to get a little fraction of your time to ask you about conern you may have or question about European market you want to pose to rooted Dutch company.

This assignent is part of a University Master course, organised by a collaboration among Rotterdam university, Leiden University and University of Delft.

To see our profiles you can check our LinkedIn pages in the links posted here.

For more info do not hesitate to ask !

We look forward to meet you.

Valerie , Maurits, Catalin and Marco