Iva Kasalica

Iva Kasalica

I was born on September 5th 1995, in the most beautiful town in Montenegro - Kotor.

I studied Math and Computer Sciences, but now I'm studying production at the Faculty of Drama arts, because I have tremendous love for movies,tv shows and theatre. I love everything about them, from watching to writing and organizing them. But I also have one other love,that has nothing to do with that, and that is traveling and exploring. I have immense urge to just pack a backpack and go into the world with a friend or two.

I enjoy tea, smell of books, bus rides and good music. Very good at noticing details and a bit of a perfectionist. A Mensa member. Believer that happiness is found in small things rather than grand gestures. I want to know anything and everything.

I adore rain, it's smell, the noise and the overall atmosphere it makes.

Even though I am a bit free spirited in my free time, I am a loyal and capable person who is very professional while working.