ivana butler

As an agent I always want to sell the best houses to my clients. The best house however varies drastically from each client. First we look at the budget and how much of a home loan a new homeowner can afford and is qualifies for. After that I interview the client to get a feeling of what exactly they are looking for in a new home. Do the need a single floor home, a home in a top rated school district, and many other factors.Once I get a good idea of what type of home and property a client wants to buy I will take all of the information I gathered and create a list of homes I think that fit their description. Many times I am able t find homes that are a perfect fit for the family, even though it was not what they were initially expecting. I have been selling best houses for so many years that I often know what my clients truly want in a home, even if they are not entirely sure themselves.Custom built homes such as the ones from house builders Mackay are the easiest homes to sell because all my clients love that they can get a brand new home that is also affordable to them. I take the clients to see various homes, and let them narrow down which ones they like the most. Once the client selects a home I immediately enter into negotiations to place an offer that will not only get my client their dream home, but will also be able to save them a lot of money in the process.I only sell the best houses. I will not put one of my clients into a home that is over-priced if the current owner is refusing to budge on the price.