Ivan Barney

Sales Consultant, Musician, and Public Speaker in Madawaska Valley Ontario. CA

Canadian born, Ivan grew up on both sides of the 'border' - in Vancouver, British Columbia and the greater Portland, Oregon metropolis. From an early age, he was quickly identified as the 'go-to' guy when anyone needed to know how to do something...or do it better. This was especially true with anything tech-related. His unique ability to bridge the detail-oriented and artistic & emotional sides of his brain carried Ivan through college, where he double-majored in Financial Management and Piano Performance.

As he moved into career path, he found his fondness for tech gadgetry, the musical arts & communications combined with experiences gleaned from a successful business career. This soon led him to the adult learning arena. He quickly developed his knack for explaining and simplifying the complex into bite-size, understandable 'nuggets' and grew this into a personal trademark.

Over time a personal challenge has grown to see that no one leaves anything he facilitates not comprehending something they didn't understand before they came. Being witness to "a-ha" moments like these is an intangible reward fueling his daily tank - keeping him moving down his own learning path. He has developed a passion for helping anyone he encounters learn - but learning itself is often not enough. He is motivated to see people learn to be self-sustaining in the end. By adopting this philosophy of teaching "How to Fish", it is evident where his true gift resides. He strives to help students recognize what is needed to resolve the problem, plus additional steps to avoid the same issue again. Finally, he is faithful to offer resources that build confidence and instinct - to aid in resolving the issue well before it becomes a problem next time.

Ivan possesses a strong professional image and detail-orientation and commitment to open communication not readily found in today's leadership ranks. These are assets he relies on to forge extremely loyal client and colleague relationships. In addition, his personal accessibility and timely responses to any communication are elements of his reputation he has built with pride...and standards to anyone can depend on.

In the spring of 2014, life opened a new chapter for Ivan...ultimately bringing him back home to his native Canada and living in the greater Ottawa Valley. Now, within arms' reach of family, he proudly claims the 'peace & pace of life' around his new home are unparalleled...

  • Education
    • Bob Jones University
    • Clemson University