Iván Escalante

When I was a child I was always taking apart every machine, appliance...that fell into hands. I think that started when I came across the book "the way things works", the more I read and learn the more questions I had, and I have had the "curiosity's bug" since then. Growing up my favourite toys were LEGO, because I could not only discover how things work, but also build new ones. When the time to choose a career came it was obvious that I wanted to be an engineer (although, back then, I wasn't very sure of what exactly an engineer does).

I am not afraid of facing challenges so, when I had the opportunity of studying a year abroad I took it and that was the best decision I have ever made. I discovered that I adapt very quickly to new situations and that I love the experience of living in an international environment, to learn how the things are done in other places, make friends from all over the world...

Not all in my life turns around engineering, I love travelling not only because I like to discover new cities or countries but also. Because it makes you think and be more open minded. I love eating tapas in my city, drinking cold beer and in company of my friends or any other of the small pleasures the life offers