Ivan Guduric

SEO and PPC Specialist in Belgrade, Serbia

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I am a highly motivated and experienced SEO & PPC specialist with a proven track record.

I assist Enterprise and SMB clients to earn a measurable ROI with SEO, PPC, Local Search, Facebook Advertising, and other online marketing campaigns.

Because each business has its own unique set of opportunities, challenges, and constraints, I help them to determine the most profitable and sustainable mix of online initiatives for their businesses, and then help them develop, implement, execute, test, tweak, and optimize those strategies profitably.

I keep an open book philosophy every day in a willingness and excitement to meet each clients specific needs and see each and every day as an opportunity to learn something new.

If you need my help with your online marketing initiatives, you can contact me at guduricivan@gmail.com

  • Work
    • IG SEO & PPC Consulting
  • Education
    • Faculty of Organizational Sciences