Ivan Ong

Singapore, Singapore

A lifetime resident of Singapore, Ivan Ong always felt entrapped by the rat race around him while he was growing up. For years, Ivan yearned to find something that would allow him to break away from the mould that he saw his peers going through - finishing university, finding a job, getting a promotion, struggling to make enough money to fulfill their dreams, and eventually settling for something less than they wanted. The thought of working for his whole life seemed daunting.

By chance, Ivan Ong came across Internet Marketing in December of 2007 at the age of 21. At first he was skeptical about this path, as all the other ventures he had tried - e-gold commerce, foreign exchange market trading, futures trading, selling used cell phones through internet relay chats - had never taken off. However, one day he received a check from Google made payable to "Ivan Ong." It was in that moment that he realized that this was not just a scheme, but a business that with some hard work and some good fortune possessed true potential. Ivan took his time in university as an opportunity to build his knowledge base about Internet Marketing; while his friends were going to class Ivan was in his room working on his business, while they were out having fun he was in his room learning internet marketing skills, when they were sleeping Ivan was awake, working on his business.

By July of 2009, Ivan Ong was seeing his business post a gross revenue of $10,000 a day, and saw the potential to help his peers recognize the potential Internet Marketing held. In order to do so, Ivan created his company, Affiliatepedia Pte Ltd., in order to fully capitalize on his CPA marketing venture. In 2013, Ivan created his second company, CPA Academy Pte Ltd., to spread the knowledge he had amassed over the years. Ivan Ong currently offers tips and tactics to students with a desire to learn about the field of CPA marketing, and the possibilities it holds. It is Ivan’s desire to put the proper tools in the hands of as many individuals as possible, thereby allowing them to take control of their financial situation and escape the rat race he sees as the largest detriment to happiness in one’s work life. His main motto for those interested in his industry is “Remain focused, keep grinding, stay amazing, and always be learning.”

  • Work
    • Entrepreneur
  • Education
    • Nanyang Technological University