Ivan Podrostkovy



Ivan Podrostkovy was registered by two twitter users in the end of 2012. Scandalous blog's tendency and impregnated cynical commentaries on topics like nazism, pedophilia, drugs, violence and insulting religion.
In all topics, of course, you easily can find a large fraction of black humor:
- ""@netovetz: Jobless man with a Kalashnikov was arrested in Moscow" driving Cayenne, wearing "FBI" cap, sweat pants and Moscow-print T-shirt. #moscow";
- "Thank Allah and Durex.#contraception #sex #moscow";
- "If I write a resume to HeadHunter, I'll got bug's, prostitute's and bookshop worker's jobs"
This posts clearly demonstrate it.
In the consequence bad language and sharp statements have become elements of Ivan's expressive manner.
Spiteful white bear with a wry smile wearing black Lacoste polo (in the consequence during the conception restructuring costume was remade). Now bear is wearing tux with bow-tie or black shirt with white bow-tie.

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