Alex Braginskyy

Nuclear Engineer in Pelahatchie, Mississippi

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!!Please read this before following me!!

My name is Alex, but I go by Ale, Gamzee, and Damien. Only certain people can call me Ginger Ale.

I go by any pronouns, as I don't get oppressed at all, but my gender is female.

Tag me as these characters if you want: Gamzee Makara, Mituna/Sollux Captor, RED Medic, RED Scout, Damien Thorn, and any kind of llama.

dm me "fwoom" if you're here so far.

I have fictional crushes on fictional characters because why the fic not.

Don't follow me if: You can't take dark humour (9/11, Religious, Racial, etc) are a full on FNAF/MLP account, or like Hillary Clinton. Also, if you go to any Pelahatchie School, don't even think about following me. (Unless you're Gracie, Josh, or Faith).

My religion and religious views are none of your concern. If you want to know, become friends with me first.

dm me "☢✡🌚" if you read everything