Ivan Alvarez

Distribution Sales Manager for Southern Europe in Madrid, España

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There were no PCs at hand when I was a child but I liked to play with every 70's & 80's gadget closer, it could be a newer Casio digital watch a radio-cassette, or a Nintendo's LCD videoconsole with only one (and cool) recurrent game ☺ At 11 I got my hands in a Commodore, then a BASIC OS training at 12 and a ZX Spectrum+ 64k paid with long saved tips from parents and family which I still keep in its original package as a relic close to the B&W White-Westinghouse TV we had at home when I was born.With that background of course 80's music rules my life!

I got connected to BBS' in the US through direct international calls ((don't ask me about phone bills) then to the baby Internet (remember Netscape?), founded 2 local ISPs, worked for a while as Tech Support for another one in Puerto Rico, moved to hardware biz at Adaptec and then at THE IT COMPANY, Intel which keeps providing me a daily -and happy- learning experience within different roles over the past 12 years.

Finished a Master in Marketing, CRM & Web 2.0 in 2013 where I've enjoyed to learn how Social Media is changing business as we know today.

I like to endorse new tech projects at Indiegogo or Kickstarter

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